Advice and answers from the Airbeam Team

Nicu Timofte
Written by Nicu Timofte

Importing from Sketch

To start importing from Sketch, you need the macOS app and the Sketch plugin which can be downloaded from here. Then:

  • Install the Sketch plugin found in the plugin directory from the downloaded zip.​

  • Install the app found in the app/ directory. Just drag & drop it into your Applications directory.

  • Open the Airbeam app, select the artboards you want to export, then select Export Selected option from the plugins -> airbeam menu (or press cmd + shift + x ).

  • From Airbeam app select the project you want to sync with, or press the Sync to New Project  button if you want to create a new one.

Why do I need the macOS app?

The Airbeam macOS app is only required to import designs from Sketch. It works along with the Airbeam Sketch plugin.​

Developers are not required to download the macOS app. They can use the Airbeam web app at: